Our Programs


We work with individuals and families who are doing the best they can and who need a "little miracle" to help them achieve success. We work with the participant to establish long term goals using strengths, resources, and assets to fill gaps between problems and solutions. Working closely with a case manager helps assure accountability to agreed upon goals as identified in a development plan. Grants may be used to fund education, job development, transportation, child care or to overcome any barrier that keeps an individual or family from becoming self reliant and living a life of service.

Education Grants 


Education Grants are used to meet any funding gaps for degree programs at two year and four year colleges as well as for trade certification and are not limited to tuition assistance. Grants may be used to fund housing and living expenses once all other scholarships, grants, and aid are applied.

 Agency Referrals

We maintain a close working relationship with many community agencies and work with them to meet our participant needs. Some participants are on a referral only basis and benefit from intensive case management with ELM staff and referral to outside agencies. 

Employment Program 


Participants set specific employment goals to increase their employability. Training and education gaps are identified and goals are set to complete programs, job training, and certifications. Paid internships and apprenticeships are also available in partnership with placement services. 

    Grants Program

Grants may be used to meet any fund gaps after all other resources are applied and are not limited to tuition assistance. The goal is to help the participant stay in school, get a degree, and get a job. Grants are awarded by competitive application after referral. 

Financial Stewardship Program

Goals are set as part of a development plan to help participants budget scarce resources, reach specific financial objectives, and provide for their families. Ongoing case management helps participants to be accountable and may include referral to financial partners who help counsel participants.

      Goal Setting Program

Each participant creates a unique vision for their future and sets goals in 6 areas (financial, employment, educational, physical, family, and spiritual). These strategies become realistic timelines and resources identified for goal achievement. Quarterly reviews provide accountability. 

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