Grants Process: How We Work

Step 1: Referral

The ELM Foundation only accepts participants through a referral process from an established network of clergy, nonprofit providers and community leaders. Potential participants who have demonstrated need, promise and motivation will be scheduled for an interview. A signed referral form is required to schedule an interview.  Click on the document icon to download a referral form.

Step 2: Interview

An ELM Case Manager will schedule an interview with a potential participant. The candidate will be asked to fill out information forms in advance of the interview, keep an expense log for one week prior to the interview, and bring three pay stubs, a copy of the lease agreement or mortgage, and utility bill. During the interview, a self-sufficiency assessment will be completed. The case manager will also discuss goals, accomplishments, and needs with the candidate.

Step 3: Candidate Evaluation

Each potential participant will be evaluated by the Grants Committee, composed of ELM board members and community volunteers. The committee will consider assessment results, level of need, recommendations of ELM staff and budget requirements. Criminal background checks paid for by ELM will also be conducted and the results shared with the committee. If necessary, a participant may be scheduled for evaluation with a licensed counselor. All these factors will be considered by the committee which will make recommendation to the ELM board of directors. The board will approve the acceptance of new participants at its next scheduled meeting.

      Applications to The ELM Foundation are by referral only from one of our non profit agency partners, community leaders, and clergy. 


      No unreferred applications will be accepted or considered.

The ELM Foundation     7501 Memorial Parkway SW Suite 115, Huntsville AL 35802      256-217-7141

ELM is a 501 (c) (3) organization and contributions are deductible under section 170 of the IRS code.